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Montessori Inspired Sequencing Cards for Logic and Prereading


SEQUENCING CARDS These cards can be used in a multitude of ways to encourage the development of important skills, such: logic, sequence of events, chronological order, and even as a pre-reading tool within Montessori (and non-Montessori) settings. 

GOAL These cards are a wonderful tool for pre-reading activities as well as developing logic and reasoning. 

12 sets of sequencing activities with 4 cards/steps in each, including but not limited to: snowman making, pumpkin life cycle, oak tree life cycle, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, baking cookies, eating an apple, turkey life cycle, and more!

Suggestion: print (on durable paper or card stock) and laminate for additional durability
Variant 1: cut out the individual squares. Present to the child and ask them to line up the cards in order that the events took place.Discuss the order of events and new vocabulary.
Variant 2: print 2 copies of the cards. Leave one set as a mat and cut out the individual cards on the second set. Use as a matching activity for younger children. Discuss the order of events and new vocabulary.


Turkey life cycle printables
Spider life cycle printables
Pumpkin life cycle printables (including ideas for hands on activities) 


Don't forget you can also order these cards in a hard copy variant! They are printed on card stock and laminated for additional durability. Shipping is international! 

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